Customized Services

We provide integrated, end-to-end administration across four core program components: Policy, Premium, Claims, and Financial Operations.

Compelling & Competitive Solutions

We help insurance companies, associations and large employers seamlessly and efficiently roll-out new products and programs that comply with all applicable laws, policy specifications and employer preferences.

  • Enter new markets with confidence and credibility
  • Generate new premiums and profits through new offerings
  • Drive new efficiencies and increase value of existing offerings
  • Customize offerings to multiple populations from a unified platform
  • Synthesize data across multiple offerings and programs through comprehensive reporting


We provide an overall strategy and an outlined approach to statutory benefits and disability administration tailored to the unique requirements of your organization.

We develop a multi-phase approach that supports corporate culture and structure informed by organizational objectives, best practices, and compliance requirements. Key performance indicators are quantified and qualified to measure milestones and overall success over time.


Accuracy and timeliness become proactive precision in a world where perfect is expected.

We ensure your business’s policies and premiums are up-to-standard, that all claims meet statutory requirements, and all reporting meets state agency qualifications—so you don’t have to.


Beyond the importance of commanding data is to understand what it tells us. Let us help you validate your Program Data.

Using our proprietary software and proven methodologies, we go beyond critical numbers and key performance indicators to substantiate the impact of organizational structure, policy, legislation, and related programs to help you determine what changes are necessary so you can prioritize resources efficiently.

We compare your organization’s Leave of Absence analytics against various groups based on demographics, industry, geography, and national averages.

Our proprietary database in conjunction with credible third-party data gives your organization a clear perspective to evaluate results and the confidence to guide future decision making.


We are our partners eyes, ears and hands. We build what others want us to do for them while acknowledging that not all of our partners want to offer the same things, the same way.

Our agile structure and systems allow us to configure program components for a custom program result without the time, expense and inconsistencies of customization.

We ensure accountability in the execution of your program strategy.

Our team is able to lead or support your transition to optimize efficiency, compliance, and alignment among all stakeholders. We represent your company with the highest integrity and level of service with our variety of implementation capabilities.

Comprehensive Administrative Solutions

Our flexible and scalable structure and systems allow us to offer a variety of product and service solutions that help insurers diversify their portfolios, open new markets and generate new premiums and profits.

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