National Employee Benefits Brokerage Mandates RELATED be its Leave of Absence Program Administrator for All Large, Complex Employer Clients

August 27, 2020

The Challenge

A prominent national insurance brokerage with a focus on employee benefits mandated RELATED be its exclusive administrator leave of absence programs for its National Accounts Practice, defined as having 1,000+ employees with diverse workforces most likely to operate remotely or in multiple states.

This mandate included it’s Professional Employer Organization (PEO) accounts which alone represent tens of thousands of companies and millions of workers across the United States.

The Solution

Leveraging administrative and compliance expertise, RELATED synthesized state and federal laws, collectively-bargained agreements, and employer policies to offer a “one-stop shopping experience” to policyholders, organizational departments (HR, Benefits, Finance, Payroll, Legal, etc.) and claimants needing FMLA, disability, paid family leave, paid time off (PTO) and other employer-sponsored leave services.

The Results

The reduced administrative and claims costs allowed the carrier to pay brokers higher commissions while still providing reduced rates and a demonstrable ROI to policyholders as well as improving the user experience for all stakeholders.