Industry Association Partners with RELATED to Offer Customized Absence Management Programs to Members

August 27, 2020

The Challenge

An established national disability carrier decided to leverage RELATED’s agility to enter the statutory benefits market quickly, confidently, and seamlessly.

Before RELATED, the opportunity to gain new customers and premiums through new insurance products was unprecedented due to the proliferation of state leave laws and the resulting new obligations of employers.

The Solution

After a coordinated communication effort, policyholders eagerly transitioned to RELATED’s model which enhanced the products and services already offered by the carrier and provided additional processes and services which filled previous voids in the user experience.

The Results

Furthermore, additional leave benefits were added and seamlessly integrated with existing products and policies delivering a comprehensive and sustainable leave of absence program. This streamlined the claimant experience by a single point of intake for all things leave-related. Not only was the user experience vastly enhanced, but a dedicated leave expert was also assigned to the entirety of each claim guiding claimants through the leave process.

This resulted in lower retention expenses for the insurer, increased revenue and profitability per policyholder, and improved profitability for carriers. Carriers were able to extend better rates and terms to existing policyholders providing a more compelling offering to the marketplace.