Regional Disability Insurer Turns to RELATED to Improve Performance on Existing Book of Business

August 27, 2020

The Challenge

A regional insurer was contemplating exiting the New Jersey statutory disability (NJ TDB) market. After learning about RELATED’s benefits expertise, unique business model, and sustained results, they turned to RELATED to administer their entire block of business and keep them from leaving the market.

The Solution

Within the first year, annual retention on existing programs increased by 12% to 98% overall as well as new policy growth of 150% new premium growth of almost 300%.

The Results

Utilizing RELATED, the carrier was seamlessly able to offer a higher quality solution that attracted more employers and commanded a premium for superior service and results. This made the existing book more profitable but, more importantly, enabled significant growth to convert the carrier from a small fish to a market player within a calendar year.