Risk Management & Compliance


We provide your organization with the experience and subject-matter expertise to enter new markets with confidence, quickly and seamlessly. We provide leave of absence product development including statutory benefits, disability, paid family leave, and related absence management services tailored to the unique requirements of your policyholders.


We are our partners' eyes, ears and hands. We build and administer products and programs that align with your portfolio while acknowledging that not all partners want to offer the same products the same way. Our agile structure and systems allow us to configure program components for a custom result without the time, expense and inconsistencies of customization.


Accuracy and timeliness become proactive precision in a world where "perfect" is expected. We ensure your business’s policies and premiums are up-to-standard, that all claims meet statutory requirements, and all reporting exceeds state agency requirements and policyholder expectations—so you don’t have to.


Beyond the importance of commanding data is understanding what it tells us. Using our proprietary software and proven methodologies, we go beyond critical numbers and key performance indicators to substantiate the impact of organizational structure, policy, legislation, and related programs to help you determine what changes are most impactful so you can prioritize resources efficiently.

Trusted Expert Service

Insurance companies, associations, and large employers trust us because we provide a high-touch, high-quality integrated service that outperforms their existing solutions, generating more revenue for their business sooner, with less cost and liability.

Core Competencies vs Core Services

POLICYActive, In-Force OnlyMaintenance/adds & termsSecurely access policies and supporting docs 24/7Retention & Persistence
PREMIUM100% earned premium captureInvoicing, collection,
Securely access invoices, submit premium 24/7Paid v Earned; Aging
CLAIMSAs-filed and statutory requirementsData and benefits adjudicationSecurely access claims and payment details 24/7Benefits utilization trends, benchmarking, outliers
REPORTINGAudit; state agency complianceProcess adherence; timeliness & accuracySystem uptime, availability, utilization• Standard
• Ad Hoc
• Custom

Expand Your Portfolio, Diversify Your Offering

We offer a variety of solutions to help you bring new, complementary products and services to market with confidence and efficiency.



Maximum Efficiency


Cost-Effective Solutions


Award-Winning Trusted Service




National Disability Carrier Contracts with RELATED to Provide Intake and Additional Leave Services to existing and future Disability Policyholders

An established national disability carrier decided to leverage RELATED’s agility to enter the statutory benefits market quickly, confidently, and seamlessly. Before RELATED, the opportunity to gain new customers and premiums through new insurance products was unprecedented due to the proliferation of state leave laws and the resulting new obligations of employers.

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